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MICHAEL Michael Kors Hutton Sandal lQZGr3qqU
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Based on the efficacy of pemetrexed in second-line NSCLC, a randomized phase III, double-blind study of maintenance pemetrexed plus BSC versus placebo plus BSC is currently ongoing (the NCT 00102804 trial).

Several phase II trials have evaluated other agents as maintenance therapy in advanced NSCLC following platinum-based induction therapy. Maintenance with interferon-α2a [ MICHAEL Michael Kors Bella Pump cHwAC9NM
], interferon-γ [ Reebok ESTL Classic Leather Sneaker Men UsS45TeLA
], bexarotene [ Pleaser Adore 701FL Womens m2SobDUCFS
], uracil-tegafur [ TOMS Black Suede Wedge Bootie wAtq80kjT7
], or BLP25 liposome vaccine [ 61 ] seems feasible, but it is unclear whether these agents are really effective.

New molecular targeted agents (i.e., inhibitors of the epidermal growth factor receptor tyrosine kinase) are worth evaluation as maintenance treatment. Recent trials of combination chemotherapy with targeted agents include a maintenance phase with the same agent in monotherapy until disease progression [ Paul GreenNandi LFR FAA3hV4
CobianTiffany II us38NOShfu
]. Despite the fact that these studies were not specifically designed to establish the role of consolidation with new drugs in the treatment of advanced NSCLC, unplanned subanalyses for patients treated with maintenance therapy provided interesting results. In particular, in the Iressa® NSCLC Trial Assessing Combination Therapy (INTACT)-2 trial of carboplatin plus gemcitabine with or without gefitinib, in which no survival benefit was reported in the experimental arm, there was a trend toward longer survival in the subgroup of patients with adenocarcinoma who had received chemotherapy for ≥90 days in the gefitinib 250 mg daily arm, suggesting a possible effect of single-agent gefitinib as maintenance therapy [ Under ArmourUA Lockdown 2 TUecw1
]. Indeed, biological agents, with their cytostatic effect, could work best in the presence of minimal disease, maintaining tumor regression after response to chemotherapy. Supported by these preliminary observations, well-conducted randomized studies are needed to further investigate these agents as maintenance treatment.

Consolidation/Maintenance Chemotherapy: Conclusions

Consolidation/maintenance chemotherapy is feasible and may provide additional benefit after standard first-line chemotherapy given for up to six cycles, also referred to as induction chemotherapy. A benefit is likely to be observed when consolidation/maintenance chemotherapy consists of an agent that has been proven to be active in the induction phase. In fact, induction chemotherapy can be considered as an in vivo assay to test the chemosensitivity of each individual patient to the drugs used in the induction phase. Further evaluation of consolidation/maintenance chemotherapy in responding patients, using one of the drugs administered in the induction phase, as well as consolidation/maintenance therapy with targeted agents, is warranted in randomized trials.

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Classic chemotherapy with existing drugs in advanced NSCLC has reached a plateau. In an attempt to improve survival, quality of life, and tolerability, other chemotherapy approaches (i.e., sequential chemotherapy, alternating chemotherapy, and consolidation/maintenance chemotherapy) have been explored. Sequential chemotherapy with a platinum-based doublet followed by a single agent seems to have similar efficacy and a better toxicity profile, compared with a standard platinum-based regimen in patients with a good performance status. For elderly and frail patients who are not candidates for a platinum-based combination, sequential single agents may be considered.

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Fernando Alonso protege su imagen con 'blockchain'

Deporte y Negocio

- 00:35 Comentar

El piloto, pionero en esta tecnología, salvaguardará los derechos de sus imágenes y vídeos con KodakOne, que también defiende la propiedad intelectual de cualquiera que le haga fotos.

Fernando Alonso acaba de escribir otro hito en su carrera. Y esta vez fuera de los circuitos. El dos veces campeón de Fórmula Uno y reciente ganador de las 24 Horas de Le Mans se ha convertido en uno de los primeros deportistas en apuntarse a la tecnología blockchain para proteger sus fotografías y vídeos -tanto personales como profesionales- y salvaguardar así sus derechos de imagen, al tiempo que promueve la defensa de la propiedad intelectual de otros autores.

Lo hará a través de una plataforma denominada KodakOne, fruto de la alianza de la neoyorquina Kodak, y la londinense Wenn Digital y que verá la luz en los próximos meses. Se trata de un sistema de gestión de derechos de contenido audiovisual asegurada a través de esa tecnología blockchain, también conocida como cadena de bloques y considerada como el inicio de la denominada revolución industrial de Internet.

Entre otras cosas, la plataforma permitirá rastrear Internet para controlar las licencias de todo contenido audiovisual y evitar posibles robos. Un atractivo que también ha convencido en el deporte a firmas como Oak View Group para proteger los derechos de seis grandes estadios de la Asociación Nacional de Baloncesto (NBA) y la Liga Nacional de Hockey (NHL).

A ellos podrían sumarse pronto otros clientes. Benedikt Dohnany, director comercial de Wenn Digital, ha avanzado ya que la compañía está recibiendo "muchas solicitudes e interés de marcas globales, creadores de contenido y titulares de derechos en diversos campos". Así que la empresa "podría comenzar pronto a forjar alianzas similares con otros clientes".

La clave para todos ellos es la exclusividad, que en el caso de Alonso afecta tanto a su futuro archivo gráfico como a toda la biblioteca digital ya existente del piloto.

En la parte económica, no se conocen los detalles de este acuerdo, pero sí que las negociaciones han durado varios meses y que la idea del deportista asturiano es que haya más beneficiados: quiere "recompensar" a sus "fans y a fotógrafos profesionales por su creatividad". Y es que cualquiera que acceda a la plataforma KodakOne para registrar sus fotos y vídeos de Fernando Alonso -y así beneficiarse del control del licencias- será premiado a través de un catálogo de servicios y productos que ofrecerá la firma y que aún está diseñando con el campeón de F1.

En ello será clave una de las grandes novedades que anunció Kodak al presentar KodakOne el pasado enero: la creación de su propia moneda virtual, por ahora retrasada a la espera del estudio por parte de la SEC -el regulador del mercado en Estados Unidos- y que podría ver la luz entre finales de este año e inicios de 2019.

On the right, swing AB counter-clockwise 120 degrees, so that the angle A is 60 degrees. On the left, swing CD clockwise to a vertical position, then keeping angle D at 90 degrees, also swing DE clockwise 30 degrees. EaA remains straight, and is 2 units long. Finally connect ends D and B: It turns out that DB has length sqrt(2)/(sqrt(3)-1), which is roughly 1.93 units, and angles C and B are respectively exactly 105 and 135 degrees. The pentagram can be decomposed into an isosoles triangle, and equilateral triangle and a quadrilateral with “nice” angles.

A kid fooling around with a straw bent in a few key places, suitably spaced out, could easily come up with this pentagonal shape. Perhaps, over the course of time, several have. If so, none realized the significance of their discovery, dropping it without another thought as soon as dinner was announced. And who is to say that some child hasn’t bent straws into other new pentagons that can also tile the infinite plane? It’s the kind of child’s play a grown up could also engage in.

Martin’s most recent posthumous book is certainly child-friendly, with adult undertones. Vince CamutoSarritah XHbjjd3uY
(W.W Norton), is a final updating of the bestselling volume is his catalog, incorporating additional notes Martin left when he died five years ago.

The views expressed are those of the author(s) and are not necessarily those of Scientific American.


Colm Mulcahy

The North Face Ultra TR III ruyjp
is professor of mathematics at adidas Adilette Comfort Slide Sandal Womens xnT0Ce2v
, Atlanta, GA. His puzzles have appeared in the New York Times and Huffington Post . His latest book is Mathematical Card Magic: Fifty-Two New Effects (AK Peters/CRC Press, August 2013)--please see http://cardcolm.org . He helped to spearhead Sam Edelman Trina 2 rOTjp1ld
He tweets at ClarksSashlin Nolte XZaWnfbWOV
and encourages recreational mathematics fans to follow @WWMGT (What Would Martin Gardner Tweet?) and @MGardner100th . His articles for Scientific American can be found .

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